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Not a lot the chemical reactions however more spiritual reactions within our power our bodies and on the physical airplane sure very advanced alchemists in the past had been understanding nuclear reactions and happenings within the atomic nucleus. It's much more. For more background you're invited to read his blog archive totaling 721 entries to this date. And what are the variations between magic and sorcery? Many optimistic races wish to contact us and the explanation why they don't seem to be contacting is just not because they would not respect our free will however as a result of the Archons and the Chimera group are preventing them from contacting us. The non-interference idea that was introduced by the Archons to excuse the censorship that we've got about the primary contact. We have for instance 225-million-yr galactic cycle, one galactic rotation and all planets within the galaxy are synchronized with that galactic cycle, geologic growth of the planets. COBRA - Shiva is one of the creator, I would say creator entities that was present when this photo voltaic system was created and sure aspects of this galaxy had been created.

Lynn - Recently you said that every one of the opposite Universes had been integrated into this one. And there are just various manifestations of the One. COBRA - It means that this universe has, really there was an integration unification process to which the universes merged and through that merger greater consciousness, larger understanding and higher evolution of all these universes was achieved. COBRA - You've any specific question about that? COBRA - I've answered this question many times. It’s not as harsh existence for instance the slaves in Roman times but nonetheless human beings are not free and now it’s time to liberate the planet. He has been informed to stay nameless by The Resistance and Meditation Techniques has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Motion. Lynn - Cobra, you have got mentioned that The Event will clear the first anomaly resulting in an instantaneous shift for all incarnated beings and the Earth herself and initiating an Ascension Process.

Lynn - Is it true that after The Event, third density human autos will not age and die as they do now? Richard - After The Event, will the Ascension process at all times lead to a physical density shift for the person? Richard - Cobra will you now describe for Meditation Techniques us the Mental Aircraft? It will be the subsequent step after the conference in Switzerland. COBRA - Sure, now we have Ascension conference in Crete very quickly. And the actual Ascension all the time means transcending all lower planes of creation. It’s not lower or larger. It’s not very easy but it surely is feasible. Richard - Is it potential for common humans to heal the best way he did? Richard - Are you able to describe how the transition we at the moment name loss of life will change after The Event? Richard - Cobra, what progress is being made with the refugees in Europe? Cobra for being a gracious visitor.

COBRA - There was involvement of certain factions from Israel and from some other nations that wished to create battle. Lynn - Are there or have there ever been human healers on earth that may cure any illness, physical disfigurements and even develop limbs again? There's the galactic grid. Lynn - Are leylines and grid lines the same factor? Lynn - So we’ll all stay happily ever after. Lynn - Cobra are you able to offer any comments relating to orgonite? COBRA - Clairaudience is just focused on the sound aspect where Clairsentience consists of different senses as effectively. It isn't a complete re-set of the universe but I'd say it’s a restructuring of a sure side of the universe. It’s not essential the name. COBRA - It was introduced here a very long time in the past from somewhere else. Lynn - Ok. At this level I’d just wish to remind our listeners to use the "Donate" button in the proper hand column to point out you like the content here by your contribution.